Moscow anarcho-syndicalists on Mayday

On Mayday of 2009, members of Russian section of IWA participated in some actions. A group of our members posted a banner «We are solidary with Visteon workers. IWA» facing of «Ford Motors» partner office at Volgogradsky prospect in Moscow. Nobody was arrested.

The members of CRAS-IWA and some other anarchists build a «red-black» group (about 20 persons) in general Mayday demo in Moscow. We kept red-black flags and distributed our papers and leaflets with calls for independent resistance against capitalism and state, for struggle against arbitrariness of police, «laws of market», wage system and politicians, for free associations, self-organization and self-administration.
Some photos at our news blog here:

Our members participated also in general anarchist meeting-concert (street-party) in Moscow together with 250-300 other anarchists and antifascists.

Members of CRAS-IWA participated in Mayday actions in Sergiyev-Posad (near by Moscow) and in St.Petersburg (in this city, 100 libertarians at that general anarchist from 250 were arrested by police!)