Declaration of the Section of IWA in Russia about so-called “March of the millions” on 6th.of May, 2012

May 6 in Moscow, the so called “March of Millions” was held organized by Udaltsov, a Stalinist, Nemtsov, a Liberal, and Navalny, a Nationalist. The aim of this opposition was as usually one only: to conquest the power, i.e. to drive the actual authorities from Kremlin and to stand in their place.

These politicians want only to make a political capital for themselves and to recruit the electorate against a background of social discontent of the masses. They don`t raise any social demands. Udaltsov makes a double dealing: participating on the state reception by Putin in Kremlin and in the same manner, he calls people almost to barricades. As a result, both, "the opposition" and the power, play before our eyes the next show. The ones don`t want to share power, while others were offended that they don`t have it. Both the "opposition" and the power use people just like pawns in their dirty game.

In connection with this, the reaction of the Left and of some Anarchists participating in these actions as cannon fodder for the "opposition" is really incomprehensible. They becoming actually an ally of one of the contending factions of the bourgeoisie, and they find themselves on one side with those who today furiously defends the existing capitalist barbarism. These anarchists have not learned the lessons from the past, forgetting about the consequences of the joint actions with the political groups seeking to gain power. They argue that contravene the institutions of representative democracy, but they participate in the actions of "opposition", in fact, in support of Navalny, Udaltsov and Nemtsov. Such activity can only be regarded as a departure from the ideas of anarchism, because the anarchism implies the anti-policy, and the reject of a struggle for power (and, consequently, those who fight for it.)

Characteristically, the leaders of the "opposition" cynically treat their “radical” allies as cannon fodder; they call them openly provocateurs and are willing to abandon them as soon as possible. However, this does not prevent politicians use such "useful idiots".

No less scandalous for people who consider themselves anarchists is to participate in these "protests" side by side with the nationalists. It serves as a manifestation of unscrupulousness of these self-styled "anarchists" in pursuit of the "mass" at any cost, and strengthens the nationalist and patriotic sentiments in the "leftist" movement. As a result, many "anti-fascists" differ from their opponents only in symbols and rituals .

The IWA Section in Russia strongly condemns the unscrupulous and the opportunistic politicking perpetrated under an anarchist flag. We would remind that everyday resistance against the State and the Capital, a thousand of tiny, daily things, often overlooked by the medias, a laborious and hard activity in the society, in workplaces, in educational institutions etc. have a much more importance for the Anarchy and the Social Revolution than a ten or a hundred of loud and spectacular actions of self-PR or of politicized and hysterical antics.

Que se vayan todos: Authorities and Opposition – all get out!

KRAS, Section of IWA in Russian Region

We strongly confirm our declaration of 2011, December:

“It does not matter which clique will form a government - it is important for us to live better!

We demand real freedom of meetings, rallies, strikes and union activity!

We demand an end of anti-social politics: low wages and systematic reducing of real incomes of general population, destruction of social guarantees, commercialization of education and healthcare, privatization, and a permanent rise of prices ...

We demand an end of "economic reforms", from which business owners, bankers and bureaucrats get richer and the ordinary people are getting poorer, more and more. All these measures should be removed immediately!

We demand to abolish the infamous law against "extremism", to stop the arbitraryness of "normal" and secret police, of small and big bosses: people need rights, not repression and extortion! Our towns and villages must be for residents, not bureaucrats!

We don`t need any "fair elections" in which "putinists", liberals, pseudo-“reds" and nazi-browns fight over who will skin us alive. We need a decent life!

We demand:

– Increasing the level of wages to the average level in Europe

– Increasing of minimal guaranteed wages until level of “basket of goods” in each region respectively

– Automatic wage increases in line with rising prices

– 6 hour day and 5-day workweek with no reduction in earnings

– Paid vacation for a period of not less than 1 month and paid sick of all workers

– Reduce and freeze prices of basic goods and services

– Prohibition of dismissals without the consent of the workforce

– Free medical, education, public transportation and public utility

Any government that does not take these demands must leave immediately!

We do not believe that representative democracy and its elections, presidents, governments and Dumas will be able to solve our problems. They have no right to decide and speak for us. Only under a system of general self-government and "direct democracy" in the place of residence, work and study we can all become masters of their destiny.

Let`s take your life in your hands!

Resistance - Self-organization - Self-government!