The Zhykhar forest is saved! A success of environmental defense in Kharkov

Just wonderful news in the midst of dark times of war! 

All over the world, grassroots activist communities stand in the way of the robbery and devastation of living space by wild predatory capitalism. Sometimes victoriously, sometimes not so much. Despite the atmosphere of fatigue and demoralization that has covered Ukraine in recent months, even in a front-line city you can join this global confrontation. And not without results!

Again about "anarchists" who forget the principles / Otra vez sobre "anarquistas" que olvidan los principios


The section of the International Workers' Association in the region of Russia calls for a boycott of provocateurs and delators who hide behind the name of "anarchists" and denounce the activists of our organization.

Anti-war struggle in Russia and in Ukraine

The current Russian-Ukrainian military conflict has led to a wild explosion of the most disgusting, cavernous nationalism on both sides of the front line. In Russia, they are calling to "crush" the enemy, in Ukraine - to fight for the "fatherland" to the last man. In both states, propaganda seeks to "dehumanize" the enemy as much as possible, and, unfortunately, many ordinary people fall into a trap set by those in power. Even many "leftists" and "anarchists" eagerly rush to support the bloodshed, intoxicated with patriotic rubbish.

KRAS-AIT contra la guerra / KRAS-IWA against the War


The war has begun.

What people were afraid of, what they warned about, what they did not want to believe in, but what was inevitable – happened. The ruling elites of Russia and Ukraine, instigated and provoked by world capital, greedy for power and bloated with billions stolen from the working people, came together in a deadly battle. Their thirst for profit and domination is now paid with blood by ordinary people - just like us.

Statement against the totalitarian biopolitics of the Russian authorities

"Anyone who tries to lay his hand on me and rule me is a usurper and a tyrant, and I declare him my enemy" (P.-J. Proudhon)

The section of the International Workers' Association in the region of Russia categorically rejects the totalitarian biopolitics of the Russian authorities, which, under the pretext of fighting the coronavirus epidemic, openly violate the most basic rights of wage workers and of the population in general. We consider the compulsory vaccination, proclaimed by those in power, an outrageous act of open state violence against the human personality, his freedom, dignity and life itself.

Capitalism and State = War!

Statement on the new Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Recent events in the Middle East, the brutal bombing of Israel and Gaza, which led to the death, injury and psychological trauma of hundreds or even thousands of people, inter-ethnic clashes and pogroms in Israel itself, as well as the confused and often one-sided reaction of the anti-capitalist forces of the world (including many anarchists) prompted us, as anarcho-syndicalists and anti-nationalists, to make this statement.

Section of I.W.A. in the region of Russia about the last protests for Navalny

We, anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists, consider it completely unacceptable for ourselves to take any part in political shows organized by supporters of the right-wing populist Navalny, who is sadly "famous" for his openly nationalist, anti-immigrant, anti-Caucasian and anti-Semitic statements. To march in the ranks of the demonstrations they convened would mean - regardless of any excuses or "explanations" - to turn into the back of one of the political gangs waging a dirty and unprincipled struggle for power.

Statement by the Russian section of the I.W.A. in connection with the introduction of a house arrest regime in Moscow and several other regions of Russia

The authorities finally threw off the democratic mask. By order of the authorities of Moscow and dozens of other regions, residents, under the pretext of an epidemic of coronavirus, are forbidden to leave the apartments in which they live. This means the actual establishment of a totalitarian regime. In Moscow alone, one and a half tens of millions of inhabitants of Europe’s largest metropolis were under house arrest, like de facto prisoners.


The emergence of a workers' and anarchist movement

The British Malaya, which consisted of the Straits Settlement colony (Singapore, Penang, Malacca), the Federated and the Non-Federated Malay States under the British protectorate, at the beginning of the 20th century, turned into one of the centers and a kind of foreign base of the Chinese revolutionary movement. Chinese immigrants began to appear on the Malay Peninsula in the first half of the XIX century, but at the end of the century their inflow increased sharply. The main area of their employment was tin mines, and then timber harvesting and other industries.


History of Anarchism in Timor Leste

Timor, the most distant colony of Portugal, served as a place of deportation for prisoners since beginning of the XVIII century. From the end of the XIX century, political prisoners were also sent to the island. 

Alexi Navalny is no “honest guardian” against Kremlin oppression, anarchists warn

Following political protests against corruption in Russia on March 26th which saw hundreds of arrests, led by lawyer and political figure Alexi Navalny, Russian anarcho-syndicalist group KRAS-AIT argues that for the country’s poor, his “responsible” free-market vision offers no respite.

Interview with Armenia`s Anarchists

Question: Most Russian observers, both liberal and pro-Kremlin, include the events in Yerevan in a familiar frame of permanent "Maidan", where specific requirements, by and large, have no independent value, or are inscribed in the logic of the big geopolitical confrontation between Russia and the West. Is this true?

Vadim Damier. Anarchists and the WW2

"The end of the Spanish Civil War ", the German anarcho-syndicalist Rudolf Rocker remembered, "was a prelude to an even greater disaster of international scale ... Condemning the Spanish people to death, one tored down the dam, which alone could prevent World War II. Prophetic words of Alexander Herzen: "You do not want revolution - well, so get war" has been reaffirmed "[1]. On 1 September 1939, the second imperialist world war outbroke.

What is happening in Ukraine? Interview with international secretary of KRAS-IWA

This in the English variant of an interview made by Chinese anarchist blog "emblack.wordpress.com" with internarional secretary of KRAS-IWA, anarcho-syndicalist union in Russia

Question: How would you explain what is happening there in Ukraine? What did happen in Ukraine to bring it to such war situation now?

Against an involving of anarchists in the war in Ukraine


The web page of committee "Euskal Herria - Donbass" informed that the CNT of Gipuzkoa has donated warm clothes for the Donbass, in accordance with the appeal of 15 "antifascists made to support the initiative Europe With Donbass" (http: // euskalherria-donbas.org/2014/12/04/cnt-gipuzkoa-dona-ropa-de-abrigo-para-el-donbass/).

Vadim Damier. The Federalist IWMA was killed by collaborationists with reformism

 The “first” International Workingmen´s Association was founded in 1864 through the initiative of workers themselves but also with some participation of “politicians”. Organizationally, it was built as an association of workers´ unions.

Ukrainian crisis and the "Left": Necessary clarification

 Ukrainian civil war caused another heavy blow to those social forces in Russia, who call themselves "left", "anti-fascist" or "anarchist movement". Unable to withstand the tests about the infamous "national question", or more precisely the examination on internationalism, this milieu splinted into supporters of one of the bourgeois camp who grappled with each other in the struggle for power in Ukraine.

About the declaration of AWU "On the confrontation in Ukraine"

The KRAS, section of the International Workers Association in Russian region, appreciates the statement of Ukrainian "Autonomous Workers' Union" (AWU/AST) "On the confrontation in Ukraine" as a step in the right direction. Condemning both sides of the civil war, it differs in this point favorably from the previous position of AWU/AST representatives who refused in March to sign the statement of KRAS, internationalists of Ukraine, Russia and other countries.