Ukraine: When masters fall out their men get the clout

The struggle between different groups of the big capital – of power and of “opposition” – led to implement of tightened laws which transformed Ukraine in a police state. The extreme right forces from “Right Sector of Maydan”, no more controlled by the “opposition”, went to attack against Cabinet of Ministers on the Grushevsky Street in Kiev. This resulted in a brutal confrontation with the special repressive forces of “Berkut”, “Yaguar” etc., and it resulted in the causalities among protesters: several people were killed. The authorities crossed the line, showing the real essence of bourgeois democracy. The situation in the Ukrainian capital becomes tenser.


Now the wage workers facing the eternal question: What is to do? Whether to support the opposition or support the government? To go to “Maydan” – or to stay at home? To support these or others politicians? Or perhaps to strive for the happiness of whole working people?
There is only one answer to this question: to begin with the defending of our own class interests: interests of wage workers.

Some people can justly ask: What is the problem? Why neither government nor owners of enterprises not busy themselves with bettering of people`s life? The answer is that the government and the owners – bourgeoisie want to receive enormous profits moved by their greed, cupidity, individualism and egoism and exploiting the wage workers. They want to expend as less as possible and to get as many as possible. And therefore they haven`t interest in any betterments of working people`s life.

Because no one will better the life of working people, the liberation of workers must be the work of the workers themselves.

What is to do? First of all, it is to unite themselves in the struggling unions (revolutionary syndicates) for collective and organized struggle for own class interests. It is necessary to organize strikes for obtain the salary increase to the real cost of labor force (minimal wage no less than 500 Euro monthly), the reduction of working time to 6 hours daily, the control of workforce over the enterprise – to go on the offensive against the yoke of power and capital.

How this will affect the situation in the country?

Firstly, it does not give the flame of armed confrontation of “power” and the "opposition" to flare up and will not allow the big masses to be drawn into this conflict. Secondly, the fight for better working conditions and higher wages will increase human well-being. Thirdly, wage growth will increase the purchasing power of citizens and thus give new impetus for producers: the production of goods and services will increase, and it will in turn influence the modernization of equipment, tools, machines and other means of production. Fourthly it will contribute to the expansion of production capacity, which in turn will provide a real incentive to create new jobs for the development of education, medicine, science and culture.

Therefore, the fate and welfare of Ukraine is primarily in the hands of the working people. And first of all it depends on the awareness and willingness of wage workers to collectively defend their class interests and not the interests of big business, tycoons, and politicians. This is the real way out of the political and economic crisis.

One Anarchist from Ukraine

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