Stop Total Control Manifesto

1/ Latest capitalism and its state model of representative democracy (or its imitation) are in a deep systemic crisis which is simultaneously economic, social, political, environmental, etc. Capitalism cannot get out of the crisis by its usual methods, therefore, over the past decades, the ruling class around the world has been following the path of strengthening and totalizing control over society and citizens, strengthening the repressive machine and introducing elements of emergency.

This manifests itself in a variety of forms: digitalization of control, large-scale surveillance, dismantling of rights and freedoms, expanding the powers of the police, introducing more and more bans and restrictions, etc. In this way, national and world elites are trying at all costs to push through the neoliberal model, break down resistance and prevent the emergence of a new society.

2/ The epidemic of covid and the panic unleashed in connection with it in the media and social networks gave the ruling class around the world a favorable and long-awaited reason to dramatically accelerate the transition to a model of general total control and implement the methods of its digital incarnation, which had long been discussed at the top, giving them a complete and holistic character. For the successful implementation of these measures, total obedience of the population is required, introduced through intimidation and sowing fear.

3/ The notorious lockdowns served exactly for these purposes and not for the fight against the disease at all. They were inevitably followed by an increase in unemployment and a drop in the income of the bulk of the population. Only now was the ruling class able to explain the deterioration in the lives of workers not by their profit-making activities, but by some natural phenomenon called a "pandemic". However, this "natural disaster" did not prevent the growth of the number of millionaires and billionaires around the world and the growth of their incomes.

4/ With regret, we are forced to observe that a part of the left and even anarchists in different countries of the world fell into the trap of official rhetoric about “saving lives” and “solidarity” and at least partially supported state bans introduced under the pretext of fighting covid. Thus, they allowed a situation where in some countries the right and the ultra-right were at the forefront of the struggle against destructive measures for the working people.

5/ Also, in the past 2 years, under the pretext of combating fakes on covid and other topics, the previously existing censorship in the media and social networks belonging to wealthy media corporations, has been intensifying. This creates another means of digital control.

6/ After the urgent production of covid vaccines in different countries, they began to impose massively by segregating the unvaccinated and literally depriving them of their livelihood. At the same time, the "vaccinated" part of society is being pitted against those who question the necessity and justification of this procedure, or, for one reason or another, do not vaccinate themselves. Meanwhile, the voluntariness of medical intervention is still spelled out both in the laws of many countries and in the Nuremberg Code.

7/ In addition to all of the above, there has recently been a tendency in different countries to use the agenda of anthropogenic climate change as another pretext to limit the rights and opportunities of workers and reduce their well-being. We do not deny the harmful influence of capitalist production (which seeks to obtain maximum profit at minimum cost) on the ecology of the planet. However, we believe that the requirements for the transition to more environmentally friendly technologies and biodegradable materials, as well as the costs associated with this, should be addressed to the owners of production facilities, and not at all to the poor workers forced to consume their products.

8/ We invite anarchists and anti-authoritarian left people, together with other workers, to fight against the onset of a new totalitarianism and biofascism based on universal fear, rightlessness and segregation. We must clarify and defend the position that real solidarity can only exist between equal and free people, and it cannot in any way be imposed by state violence and violation of basic rights. In particular, the right to voluntarily any medical intervention, the right to privacy, the right to work and maintain livelihoods.

Anarchist Initiative StopTotalControl