The organization isn`t an objective in itself
but only a means for achievement of setting objective
An old anarchist true
The FORIST alternative
We are communists. But not in this vulgarized and deformed sense which appears us always from pages of papers, from TV channels and broadcasting waves (“communist regime”, “Communist State”, “Communist Party” etc.). The true communism is anarchist, stateless and without authority, free, libertarian. Only hundred years ago, by the meaning of Communists, one can be almost for 100 per cent sure that the matter concerns Anarchists. Only in 1917, this word was stolen by Bolsheviks and it was later crippled by them and made a laughing-stock of entire World…


Kropotkin and the rebuilding of the International Workers Association

In December 2012, international anarchosyndicalism celebrates two anniversaries: the 90th anniversary of the rebuilding of the International Workers Association, and 170 years since the birth of the most prominent theorist of anarcho-communism, Peter Kropotkin. This coincidence of dates can be considered symbolic. Kropotkin was never a member of any revolutionary-syndicalist or anarcho-syndicalist organization, but he made ​​a very important contribution to the creation of the anarcho-syndicalist International, and his ideas have had an enormous impact on its goals and principles.

Anarchism and Syndicalism: the «CNT model» and it dilemma

One philosopher has once told that the one, who doesn't study history, is doomed to repeat its errors. The problem consists just in looking for what was made may be not correctly or not very well in the past. This can give a possibility to avoid some mistakes in the present and in the future.